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Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services to our valued clients.  Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each projects specific needs.  Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Pest Control service! 

Keeping your space Yours.

Davis & Sons Pest Control has been providing the best services to Monroe and the surrounding counties since 2006. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

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  • Residential

  • Commercial

Bringing you a good night’s rest again.

Seasonal Fall & Winter invader

Surprisingly enough, they’re not out to get you.

Keeping your food pest free.

Rodent-free home, especially for the kitchen…

No more stink bugs in the windowsills.

Seasonal Fall invaders

Removing wasps and hornets (no honeybees).

Keeping the sugar ants out of the pantry

Multi Family Buildings

Making home the best place for your tenants.

Office Property Management

An office place free of pests for your employees.

Retail Buildings

A pest-free place for you and your customers.


Keeping your space pest free.

Food Service Buildings

Keeping you and your customers healthy.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our top priority is for your pest problems to be solved, and for you to experience exceptional service, professional interaction, and timely communication in the process. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Call or text us today! 

Excellent customer service and very thorough when explaining what the issue is and what they can do to rectify it. Pricing is fair and the level of service was unmatched. He is knowledgeable, effective and always on time! I would highly recommend using him!

Danielle Scheib –
1/ 6/ 2021

Fantastic company! Excellent customer service, efficient process.

William Scheib –
1/ 6/ 2021

Very professional and thorough. Helped get rid spiders in my basement and explained what he did in detail. Very fair price for the amount of work done. 10/10 Highly recommended! Will use again if needed in the future.

Cruise Anthoni –
1/ 6/ 2021

I’ve been using Robert for my pest control needs for the last two years. The results have been amazing! He is knowledgeable, effective and always on time! I would highly recommend using him!

Jacob Achille –
1/ 8/ 2021

Rob was incredibly reliable and professional. I am very impressed with how honest he was with me.

Michelle Scarpa –
10/ 9/ 2021

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